Dan Fanselow, D.C.

Family Chiropractic of Westboro

I am blessed to have such great chiropractors serving on the various external committees.  Through their efforts we have made strides at continuing to improve our relationship with various insurers throughout Massachusetts.  We continue to fight for parity withing the insurance model.  Dr. Vargas has gained traction in the Veterans Affairs department and we continue to improve our role in the community health centers.  If you have particular insurance issues that need to be addressed please forward them to the MCS central office.  By compiling specific examples that illustrate our concerns, we can go to insurers to discuss ways in which to alleviate them.  Chiropractic is favorably positioned to offer treatment in place of Opioids.  We are continuing to educate legislators and insurance administrators as the benefits of chiropractic care and the vital role we can play in helping the current Opioid crisis.  It is only through continued membership growth that the MCS will have the resources to continue to work on behalf of our doctors and their patients.

Dr. Dan Fanslow