The Massachusetts Chiropractic Society, Inc. is the only statewide, non-profit membership service organization representing the chiropractic profession in Massachusetts. The Society’s principal function is to maintain the standards in education, ethics, and professional competency necessary to meet the requirements of the profession and the expectations of the general public. The Society is dedicated to assisting the doctor of chiropractic in achieving, maintaining, and delivering the highest standard of health care.

Mission Statement

“The mission of the MCS is to defend, protect, and advance chiropractic in Massachusetts.  The purpose of MCS is to enable every citizen of the Commonwealth to have knowledge of chiropractic and full access to care by chiropractors of unquestionable standing, ability, and integrity.”


The MCS Board of Directors is charged with the management of the affairs of the Society between general membership meetings. The Board of Directors is comprised of six elected officers, nine directors, and the immediate past president. The President and Chairman of the Board organize and conduct all Board meetings. In conjunction with the Board, an Executive Vice President coordinates and facilitates Society activity. An Executive Secretary and professional staff manage the daily affairs of the Society, provide guidance and support for state programs, and coordinate the activities of the Society’s professional consultants and advisors.

The Society’s membership is organized regionally into local societies. Local Society Presidents constitute an important advisory council and attend all state Board of Directors meetings.