Steve Heney, DC, DACNB, CCSP

Heney Chiropractic Neurology Center

43 by 23!!!!! The MCS has set an ambitious goal to have 43% of the state population under Chiropractic care by 2023. We will accomplish this goal by streamlining our communications, making our central office more efficient with updated technology, systems and protocols, and continuing to work with those in our state that have the ability to influence how Chiropractic can become more accessible for ALL the patients that would benefit from our care. The MCS recently brought in a leading national consultant to help us in our vision to bring more patients into every Chiropractic office in the state. The mission of the MCS is to defend, protect and advance Chiropractic in Massachusetts.
Recently I attended an event in Milton with Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito. At this event I spoke personally with both of these individuals and was happy to hear them both discuss Chiropractic as an important piece of their upcoming steps to combat the Opioid Crisis by incorporating Non-prescriptive/non-pharmacological interventions early on as an alternative to the medical approach that has failed our society. As always, my role in attending this event was the same as every MCS officer that volunteers their time and energy to being on the board: to advance the status of Chiropractic in Massachusetts and to increase the access to Chiropractic care for all the citizens in the Commonwealth..
The MCS recently held our Safety Net Seminar in which Dr. Dan Murphy spoke about Opioids and Whiplash. There was tremendous energy in the room as our attendees interacted with a record number of vendors and were educated by one of the true living legends of Chiropractic. We appreciate Nutriwest for sponsoring Dr. Murphy as well as all our platinum sponsors and all the vendors present. Dr. Steve Avitable of Chirohealth USA did a wonderful job educating our CAs.
The research that Dr. Murphy shared with us drove home the point that Chiropractic must play a much bigger role in combating the Opioid Epidemic. “A problem cannot be solved by using the same thinking that created it”. We all know that Chiropractic is much more than a pain relieving intervention; but in this context, at this moment in time, the greatest gift we can offer society is to prevent more addictions and more deaths from destroying yet another family. We have ALL been affected by this crisis, if not losing a loved one to an inevitable overdose, than by knowing someone close to us whose family was devastated. I urge each and every one of you to step up your education and empower all of your patients to serve as ambassadors of the life-changing positive effects of Chiropractic care. I also encourage those of you who have not watched the 4 segments on 60 Minutes concerning the Opioid Crisis, starting in 10/17 with the most recent being on 2/24/19. These episodes can be found On Demand on TV or being searched on YouTube. As I watched the explanations on how and why so many lives were destroyed for shameless profits I became furious and disgusted. However, I also realized, stronger than ever, that we are blessed to practice in the best drug-free pain relieving and life-altering discipline in the history of healthcare. We see miracles EVERY day, simply by laying our healing hands on our patients that trust us with their family’s well-being and depend on us to help achieve their optimum wellness and health.
It is an honor to serve on the Board of the MCS and I appreciate all the great things that every Chiropractor in Massachusetts does on a daily basis. To our members, we thank you. To our potential members, please join us as we strive to grow Chiropractic in Massachusetts to unprecedented levels. We are striving for 43 by 23…please keep an eye on our website as our plans unfold to make this goal a reality. Better yet, join the efforts and get involved in any way you can to make it happen!
Stephen Heney