Sarah Graham, D.C.

During Chiropractic College I was heavily involved with the Student ACA and while I have continued my involvement with the ACA as a board member of the NextGen ACA committee, I have always been aware of the need for involvement at the state level as well. I ran and became the Alternate Delegate for the Commonwealth last year in October and part of my obligation is to be a member of the state association. I contacted to board and became a member last year, and thus far it has been a huge high-light of my time as a new practitioner.

I attend the monthly board meetings and have been met with nothing but positivity and support, and truly feel heard as a new graduate offering my perspective as an associate and as the only Millennial voice in the meetings. I would encourage anyone who is a member of the MCS to make it a point to get more involved with this organization. They are fighting each day for the betterment of chiropractic in Massachusetts, and it takes these dedicated people showing up and doing the work to keep chiropractic at the forefront of our state and local politicians’ minds. I love going to the meetings once a month and I feel like it has connected me to chiropractors across the state! Sometimes practice can feel like an island, so having those reminders and connections to other docs makes such a difference in my perspective and experience as a chiropractor. 

Sarah Graham, D.C. ACA Alternate Delegate