Important Update – Meeting with DOI (Division of Insurance) Director Kevin Beagan

Subject: Important Update – Meeting with DOI Director Kevin Beagan

Dear MCS Board Members and Chiropractic Professionals,

I am writing to provide you with an update on the recent meeting between our Massachusetts Chiropractic Society (MCS) representatives and Kevin Beagan, Director of Insurance at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Division of Insurance (DOI). The meeting, which was arranged by our esteemed lobbyist, Steve Panagiotakos, took place on Friday, June 2, 2023.

Present at the meeting were Dr. Steve Saro, our Legislative Chair, Dr. Tim Bellanger, our Society President, myself as the Executive Director, Tracey Lane, and briefly our lobbyist Steven Panagiotakos for the introduction phase. We had the opportunity to engage in a productive discussion with Deputy Commissioner Rebecca Butler, Esq., who provided valuable insights into the limitations and challenges faced by the DOI in relation to chiropractic care.

Director Beagan emphasized that the DOI’s actions are constrained by existing laws and that certain regulations and benefits that apply to other healthcare providers may not extend to chiropractors. He clarified that the DOI does not have the authority to dictate fees or reimbursements and is not involved in coding and reimbursement matters. However, he assured us that deceptive practices or inconsistencies with the evidence of coverage made available to patients can be addressed to protect the purchasers of health insurance contracts.

In addition, Director Beagan mentioned that the Federal “No Surprises Act” has not yet seen significant activity in Massachusetts. While the Act primarily focuses on hospital/patient issues and dispute resolution, it is crucial for us to monitor its developments and assess its impact on chiropractic services

To further our efforts in advocating for fair treatment and comprehensive coverage, Director Beagan requested our MCS office to collect specific examples of situations where carriers are not adhering to contractual agreements or engaging in deceptive practices. By providing detailed documentation, we can empower the DOI to intervene and address these issues effectively. Please submit your examples, along with supporting evidence, to our MCS office within the next four weeks. This collaborative effort will enable us to initiate DOI inquiries and potentially influence positive change in the current landscape.

We urge all board members and chiropractic professionals to disseminate this information to our entire membership and encourage their active participation in submitting relevant examples. The more comprehensive and well-documented our submissions, the stronger our case will be. Let’s work together to address the issues of illusory benefits, fictive copays, and violations of the evidence of coverage documents. Please send copies of the EOB showing zero pay with the DC enclosing the copay confirmation, a copy of the patients insurance card with the copay noted, or a copy of online coverage confirmation showing deductible and copay amounts. 

Please feel free to reach out to our MCS office if you have any questions or require further clarification. We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and look forward to effecting positive change for the chiropractic profession and our patients.

Send all requested samples using one of these.

  • (Subject line should be (DOI Documentation)
  • Fax: 781-848-9941
  • Mail: 400 Washington St. Suite 102, Braintree, MA 02184