Gerard Cassista, DC

Cassista Chiropractic

Membership Report

Gerard Cassista, Membership Chairman

      MCS is one of those things we don’t hear too much about till we really need it, then all of a sudden it becomes our last chance to save something. I can’t even begin to tell you how important membership is in our every day practices. MCS works daily at keeping our license to practice, keeps our ability to have the kind of practice you want for yourself, keeps us in insurance, works for further inclusion in insurances as well as programs like VA and community health centers. MCS is always working to make friends with all the right people who can help us in congress and senate to advance our causes. It is the only true voice representing chiropractic in the state. It is the only entity that can get amendments on laws, bills and programs to include chiropractic where it is appropriate.

     I want to thank all of you who are members. You are the ones keeping chiropractic alive in the state and all the other people are reaping the benefit of our actions. It is time that everyone pulls their weight and joins to contribute to our numbers and our ability to continue our work. I want to ask all of you to call central office at 781-848-9941 and ask Tracey for the names of chiropractors in your town who are not presently members. I am asking you to take them to lunch and explain what I just wrote above and how important it is to be a member. If all of you can get just one person to join, we would double our membership overnight. With double the membership, we would have much more power and much more ability to be more aggressive with our programs. Please say you can help with this and then, really actually do it. Chiropractic in Massachusetts is counting on you. Thank you so much for your help and support.