Covid Vaccine Information

Covid Vaccine Information:

A brief update regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Chiropractors fall at the end of the Phase 1 distribution of the vaccine. We are working to gather more information regarding the distribution of the vaccine to Chiropractors (as non-COVID facing healthcare workers) who do not work in facilities in which the vaccine has been provided. The Health Dept. has taken control over the roll-out of the Vaccine in the local hospital?  It seems not, as they refer you to the state web site, which isn’t much help…they are overwhelmed as well. Call the local hospital HR [human resources] Dept., or their Central Scheduling Desk, and see if they have updated information for you, or can place your name on a call list, or on a schedule list.  Once they have a product delivered, it often gets distributed within just a day or two, with hospital staff and associates high on their list. You also may have to show proof of licensure to receive vaccines at “additional vaccination administration site.” The state has not released clear guidance as of yet and we are working tirelessly with our lobbyist, Steven Panagiotakos, to get clarity on this issue for the chiropractic profession. 

Overall very few hospitals yet have enough Vaccine’s issued to them to begin the “overflow” distribution process, as directed by DPH.  We’ll be considered with other doctors and healthcare providers not having hospital affiliation, like dentists, psychologists, etc.

Phase I-B begins later this month and that’s where we will find ourselves.   However, no DC who wants the Vaccine should have to wait thru Phases II or III, which brings one into mid-year to access the Vaccine.  Some chiropractors may have had current access to the product as having a relationship at that facility. Also I do know that Boston Medical has provided some chiropractors with the Vaccine as well, again the relationship with the facility. 

 “Patience Conquers”, so don’t let worry or fear overtake one’s thinking, unless of course there is clear and current evidence of such bias, if you experience this please call the MCS office 781-849-0000

We look forward to serving the chiropractic profession and please reach out to the office if you have questions or concerns.